05/01/2014 12:00 am ET Updated May 01, 2014

9 Ways To Ace Mother's Day Without Resorting To Flowers


Everyone says it: when it comes to selecting a gift for Mother's Day, you can't go wrong with flowers. But are you ever really getting it right? While a floral arrangement is always a nice gesture, a fresh take on this old classic can be a great opportunity to give Mom something more personal.

So this year, treat mom to something a bit more thoughtful. We partnered with our friends at Edible Arrangements, who we can always count on for fresh ideas, to bring you 9 flowerless bouquets. And the best part? These brilliant blooms will never, ever wilt!

  • 1 Soap Bouquet
    Dollar store soap roses + floral wire + hot glue = a blissful bath-time bouquet for a mom who loves to relax. Full instructions here.
  • 2 Yarn Bouquet
    Courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool
    This one will have your mom in stitches. What looks like a beautiful bunch of peonies is actually her next craft project! The "flowers" unravel to reveal high-quality yarn and the "stems" are actually knitting needles! (From JimmyBeansWool.com.)
  • 3 Brooch Bouquet
    Courtesy of Fancy Pants Wedding
    Glam moms will love this bundle of brooches, and making it doesn't have to break the bank! Collect vintage pins from eBay, thrift stores and tag sales, thread wire through each brooch, then wrap the "stems" together with floral tape. Mom can adorn her dresser or vanity with this beautiful bouquet, or, take it apart and have a month's worth of gorgeous wearable keepsakes. Full instructions here.
  • 4 Sock Bouquet
    Talk about a gift that knocks your socks off -- roll and pin cozy new socks, stick them on skewers and assemble in a vase. Voila! A clever bundle of roses for Mom's toeses! Full instructions here.
  • 5 Shell Bouquet
    Courtesy of Savvy Deets Bridal
    This decorative seashell bouquet will remind Mom of her favorite seaside destination. This way, whatever the weather, she can always have a bit of the beach with her. Instructions here.
  • 6 Nail Polish Bouquet
    For the perfectly manicured (and pedicured!) mom, a pot of polish pansies is always in season. Assemble using cupcake liners, green floral tape, and skewers. "Plant" the flowers in a vase stuffed with foam. Full instructions here.
    Bonus: Use polishes with names that remind you of your mom i.e. "Mother Road Rose" by OPI, "All Hail The Queen" or "Yummy Mummy" by Butter London.
  • 7 Cooking Utensil Bouquet
    Courtesy of TheChicSite.com
    Whip up this adorable bundle of kitchen tools for a mom who loves to cook. Just make sure she knows that Mother's Day is still her day off! Instructions here.
  • 8 Popcorn Bouquet
    Courtesy of Dwellings By Devore
    This one's for the advanced crafter, but sure to be a hit with a movie-loving mom. Fill up a popcorn box with a styrofoam square and unpopped kernels. Then hot glue balloon sticks to popcorn seasoning shakers and stick into the styrofoam. Present to Mom with a pair of movie tickets so you two can go together -- and remember to let her pick the flick! Full instructions here.
  • 9 Fruit Bouquet
    Courtesy of Edible Arrangements
    But not every unique bouquet requires such crafty skills, so slowly back away from the glue gun! For a no-fuss bouquet that you can mail to moms near and far, Edible Arrangements take the cake. These bundles of fruit made fresh daily won't make Mom feel guilty for indulging. Plus, if you slipped up and waited until the last minute, you can get one delivered same day to Mom without revealing your near-miss. Because, after all, she taught you better than that.

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