Lady Gaga Tweets ArtRAVE Setlist

05/05/2014 08:41 am ET | Updated May 05, 2014
  • Lauren Duca Entertainment Reporter, The Huffington Post
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Lady Gaga has unveiled the setlist for her upcoming tour. A fan tweeted a picture of the list, which Gaga confirmed by writing "secrets [sic] out!" on Twitter.

If you have trouble reading the tiny font wrapped around whatever that tubular thing is, the list appears to read as follows:

Video Intro
Band "Art Pop" Intro
"Art Pop"
Greetings Himeros
Fashion Intro
(Venus Intro)
"Cake Like Lady Gaga"

"Just Dance"
"Poker Face"

Brief Ambient Music
"Do What U Want"
"Born This Way"

(Jewels & Drugs)
LG will talk before "Sexxx Dreams"
"Sexxx Dreams"
MJ Intro
"Mary Jane Holland"

"Bad Romance"


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