05/06/2014 10:38 am ET | Updated May 06, 2014

Prince William Flies Economy Class, Orders A Water

The Sydney Morning Herald via Getty Images

If you're not already in love with Prince William, get ready to swoon.

The Duke of Cambridge shirked the royal treatment Sunday when he flew economy class on an American Airlines flight from Memphis to Dallas. He was on his way back to the UK after celebrating a friend's wedding in Tennessee.

Memphis-based reporter Eli Ross of Local 24 News spotted Prince William on the flight and spread the word via Twitter.

Since posted, the photos have been retweeted dozens of times.

The prince kept it even more low-budget when he reportedly ordered only water during the flight, which he -- gasp! -- paid for himself.

It is not the first time that the royals have tried to save money, as the queen and her family were recently asked to rein in their spending.

All we can say is we wish we were the lucky ones to have been sitting near him on the plane.


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