05/07/2014 03:14 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Christopher Meloni Talks His 'Perfect Butt' And Attention From Men

Christopher Meloni is mighty proud of his derrière, and he spent a good deal of his most recent interview with Conan O'Brien bragging about it.

The "Oz" actor, 53, dished with O'Brien about how a recent poll allegedly voted him "Best Butt On Primetime." He also opened about some of the issues it causes him -- like being hit on by other men while in the gym showers.

"I like to hit the gym -- that's usually where that happens. It's mostly in the showers," he said. "They lather a bit too long down in the nether-regions, never speaking... You're doing your thing and you're washing and you can feel the energy. Your first thought is 'Really'?"

Check out the clip above (the conversation about the gym showers happens around 3:10).


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