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'Crossfire' Tackles Climate Change In Just The Wrong Way

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Tuesday's release of a massive and sobering government report on the effects of climate change in the United States gave the American media a chance to make up for its often faulty and patchy treatment of the subject — and, by and large, outlet after outlet stepped up, providing frequent, thorough coverage that didn't fall into the usual trap of presenting the issue of climate change as a "debatable" one.

And then there was the way CNN's "Crossfire" dealt with the report.

Now, it's probably wishful thinking to hope that a debate show wouldn't treat the issue of climate change as a debate. But "Crossfire" had everything you don't want in a climate change segment. The use of Bill Nye, who has no background in climate science, as the "climate change is real" participant? Check. A conservative who spent much of his time dismissing and questioning the science behind climate change? Check. A blizzard of statistics and counter-statistics that obscured the actual debate over what should be done to combat climate change? Check. An emphasis on heated back-and-forth rather than information? Check.

CNN did many good segments on climate change throughout, but this was certainly not one of them.


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