Hugh Jackman Interviews His Younger Self, Informs Himself He's 'The Biggest Star Ever'

05/07/2014 02:49 pm ET | Updated May 07, 2014
Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images

Everyone wants to interview Hugh Jackman, including Hugh Jackman. And so he did, in a new Yahoo! UK video interview. The "X-Men" actor puts a spin on the whole "Days of Future Past" title by interviewing his younger self about the career that lies ahead. This younger version -- supposedly hailing from 1999, a year before the first "X-Men" flick was released -- answers questions while sitting in front of lava lamps and a Furby. He's surprised to learn the movie would become a big hit despite naysayers' insistence that he not take a role in what was Hollywood's first major superhero blockbuster.

The faux-interview is quite clever, with the 45-year-old Jackman informing his younger self that he'd become "by far and away the biggest star ever, ever to actually be in motion pictures," otherwise known as Huge Jackman. It's a convenient way to get Jackman to reflect on his best movies and the regret of having done "Movie 43," in which testicles dangled from his neck.

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