The Evolution Of Shailene Woodley's Signature Hand Gesture, Brah

05/07/2014 09:04 am ET | Updated May 07, 2014

She bottles her own water. She eats clay. She apparently doesn't even have a cell phone. In countless interviews and profiles, we're reminded that Shailene Woodley, America's favorite hippie, is not your typical star. Neither is her red carpet style. Forget just the dresses and the hoodies over the dresses, Woodley has perfected the art of the hang-ten hands, also known as the "cowabunga hands" (thank you, Cosmo).

At this year's Met Ball, Woodley took her signature hand gesture to a whole new level, prompting HuffPost Entertainment to find out how this super-chill move became her Miley tongue. Behold, the evolution of Shailene Woodley's shaka sign:

August 2008: Shailene tries out hands on hips.

December 2008: Yeah! Hands on hips work for a while.

June 2009: Nah. Maybe she wants to cross her arms from now on.

October 2010: Nope, she should just try to hold still instead. Arms by your side never hurt anyone.

October 2011: Soon Shai will preach about her vagina getting enough sun, but for now she's only finally realized that her hands can be more than stationary.

September 2012: Shai reveals what she's been holding in for years: the hang-ten hand.

February 2013: She begins to realize it can make every photo less awkward. (More awkward?)

July 2013: Now it's a staple at every red carpet event, nestled in between true friendship.

January 2014: She gets comfortable with the hang-ten. Now she can rock it anywhere while wearing anything (and even holding a cup of coffee).

February 2014: She dabbles in the double-handed hang-ten.

March 2014: She wears a sweatshirt over her red carpet outfit, knowing Brie Larson and her hang-ten hands will also keep her cozy.

March 2014: She tries to incorporate the Miley tongue, but soon realizes she's better off on her own.

April 2014: She ups the ante with Judd Apatow.

April 2014: The legs get wider and the smile gets bigger.

May 2014: Until finally, she evolved into THIS.

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