05/08/2014 10:37 am ET Updated May 08, 2014

'Day Drinking' Sketch Recaps A Day You Might Be Familiar With

Day drinking is kind of like running a marathon.

Sometimes, you've just got to push through. That seems to be the message from Sophomore Year, a comedy group that added "Day Drinking" to their video series on the "Ridiculous, petty, honest and dumb things couples do when they're alone... together."

In it, a couple divulges in the ever-popular trend of consuming copious amounts of alcohol throughout the daylight hours.

To get a comedic glimpse at what day drinking is really like, check out the video for yourself. And please, drink responsibly.


  • 1 Japan, Korea — Drinking and Pouring with Both Hands
    When picking up, pouring, and drinking an alcoholic drink in Japan and Korea, they use both hands because it’s bad manners to use just one. It’s also impolite to pour your own glass. It’s respectful to always accept the first drink offered to you and to turn away when taking a sip. Photo Credit: © Flickr / 公益推手Click Here to see More Surprising Drinking Rituals From Around the World
  • 2 Netherlands — Genever “Head Butt”
    The Dutch style of drinking genever, a kind of flavored whiskey, is to do it by “head butting.” To do this, they pour chilled genever in a tulip glass until the drink reaches the very tip of the rim. Bending from the waist, they take a sip, then straighten up and follow with a sip of beer. The “head butt” is repeated until the drink is gone. Photo Credit: © Flickr / imnewtryme
  • 3 Peru — Passing the Glass
    In Peru, one beer is shared among a group. One friend pours a glass from a bottle, and the bottle is passed to the next friend, who waits for them to drink the glass and then flick the froth onto the ground. The next drinker does the same, and the beer is passed until it’s finished and it’s time for another. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Smabs SputzerClick Here to see More Surprising Drinking Rituals From Around the World
  • 4 Romania — Palinka In the Morning
    According to folk wisdom, palinka, a type of fruity brandy, gives strength, so Romanians take a shot first thing in the morning. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Carrie Sloan
  • 5 Russia — Empty Glasses Under the Table
    Russians have a habit of giving long, story-like toasts with a punch line. When they’ve finished a drink, empty glasses go under the table, not on top. Photo Credit: © Flickr / leigaamanClick Here to see More Surprising Drinking Rituals From Around the World
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