05/09/2014 07:00 am ET Updated May 09, 2014

9 Reasons Bartenders Are Smarter Than The Rest Of Us

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If you've ever worked in the service industry, you know that the most sought after job is behind the bar. Tending bar is THE position you want to be in to make lots of money and have the best time.

Bartenders rule, there's no question about it. While all jobs in the service industry are hard work -- you are on your feet for up to 10 hours at a time, swamped with orders and almost always in the weeds -- when you're doing it from behind a bar, it's a whole lot more fun.

Bartenders not only have access to all the booze -- major perk -- but they're also essentially sitting (er, standing) in the power seat because everyone wants to get their hands on said booze. Servers have to be good to their bartenders if they want their drink orders to come out quickly, and customers have to do the same. They've positioned themselves well at work -- and in life. But that's not the only reason bartenders are better at life than the rest of us.

  • 1 They know all the coolest tricks.
    Flickr: Jazz Guy
    BREATHING. FIRE. (Please, don't try this at home.)
  • 2 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Flickr: Bryan Bruchman
    LIKE, WHOA. Tending bar is the most lucrative job in the service industry.
  • 3 Sleeping in late isn't a Sunday treat, it's just part of their day.
    Flickr: Finn Frode
    Not every bartender sleeps in till 2, but if they wanted to they could. Alarm clocks not needed.
  • 4 They can make really good cocktails.
    Flickr: Jeremy Brooks
    Need we explain?
  • 5 It's their job to party late.
    John Fedele via Getty Images
    They are where the party is. You could even say, they ARE the party. It's that simple.
  • 6 This is the equivalent of the office computer.
    Flickr: Edwin Land
    Jealous yet?
  • 7 And this is the 'office.'
    Flickr: William Cho
    Think about it: they work at bars, clubs or restaurants where us "ordinary" people go to have fun. Their "offices" are the most fun places to be.
  • 8 There's no dress code.
    Flickr: Peter Clark
    No joke.
  • 9 Schedules are often flexible, so epic vacations are 100 percent possible.
    Flickr: sandeep sampath
    The beaches in Thailand, villas in Italy and road-tripping across the U.S. are all within their reach. They've really got it figured out.

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