05/09/2014 07:00 am ET | Updated May 09, 2014

9 Gorgeous Cakes To Celebrate HuffPost's 9th Birthday

Sprinkle Bakes

The best part about birthdays has always been the cake. We don't care if it's our kids' birthdays, our parents' birthday or even our own birthday, we just want cake. And when it comes to The Huffington Post's Ninth Birthday -- which we are proudly celebrating today -- we don't just want cake, we want NINE birthday cakes. We need one for every year we've been around, obviously.

While this logic doesn't really work for all birthday celebrations -- could you imagine how much baking would need to happen for a 50th birthday? -- for this special occasion we felt it wholly appropriate. Happy ninth birthday, HuffPost! And congratulations to everyone who has worked with us to make these nine years such an amazing and successful experience.

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