Brazilian Teens Video Chatting With Elderly Americans Is The Sweetest Thing

05/09/2014 12:49 pm ET

Teens get a bad rap for the number of hours they log in front of their computers, but this group of students is using their screen time for something really wonderful.

Thanks to FCB Brasil and the CNA language school network, Brazilian teens are able to practice their English skills through a speaking exchange -- with senior citizens living in Chicago retirement homes.

"What our students really want is to speak English fluently," says Vanessa Valença, a program coordinator. "And we're always asking ourselves, 'How can we make it more real? More human?'"

Using a video chatting tool, the students are able to interact face-to-face with elderly Americans, where they have formed real relationships talking about everything from their families to big dreams. Watch the heartwarming video above.

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