05/09/2014 12:28 pm ET | Updated May 09, 2014

Biden's Office On Pennsylvania Voter ID Law: 'Justice Is Served'

The office of Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on Pennsylvania's voter ID law on Friday, the day after Gov. Tom Corbett (R) announced he wouldn't appeal a ruling that struck down the measure.

"Justice is served," the office said on its official Twitter page. "No appeal of unjust voter ID law is a victory for Pennsylvania."

The law, declared unconstitutional by a state judge in January, was one of the strictest in the nation, requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. Democrats vehemently opposed the legislation, arguing that it would suppress voting by racial minorities.

Biden has been a vocal opponent of such legislation. He urged activists to "stand up and fight back" and said "hatred" motivated efforts to impose restrictions on voting.


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