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Mika Brzezinski Celebrates Her Mom With Tearful Mother's Day Tribute

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Mika Brzezinski celebrated Mother's Day by dedicating a segment of her show Friday to honoring her mother's work as an artist.

In what turned into a tearful moment between mother and daughter, Brzezinski took viewers on a journey of her mother's more than 40-year-long career as a world-renowned sculptor.

"At 82 years old, she still uses a chainsaw, an axe and chisel to create her masterpieces," Brzezinski said on "Morning Joe."

But what's more important, Brzezinski said, is how she managed to achieve her career goals while also being a mother and a White House official's wife.

"As I have become a wife and a mother myself, and I saw how she defied, quite frankly, she defied gravity to be able to find her way to thrive, I can't be more impressed of any other person on the face of this earth than my mother," Brzezinski said with tears in her eyes before hugging her mother.

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