05/09/2014 02:08 pm ET Updated May 11, 2014

Celebrate Your Mom With A Special Mother's Day Message On BlackVoices (PHOTOS)

Jessica Cumberpatch Anderson

Moms are superheros in the flesh. They birth us, clothe us, feed us, raise us, inspire us, improve us, and most importantly love us unconditionally (at least most of the time). For that they definitely deserve our affection more than once a year, but Mother's Day is obviously their time to shine.

With that said, we're taking the opportunity to sing the praises of our own mothers at BlackVoices AND we want you to do the same!

If you'd like to give your mom a shoutout -- like we've done below-- simply upload a picture of your mom (past or present...with or without you) on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #BVmom. AND don't forget to tell us why she's so fly -- literally and figuratively -- in the caption.

We'll add your photo and caption to our list below by this Sunday, so you can show your mom (and the world) how much you love her.

Here's a look at our fierce and fabulous moms...

  • Anna: The mother of Brennan Williams, BV Pop Culture Editor
    Brennan Williams
    I love my mother for her effortless style, and endless amount of wisdom through the years. I'm forever in debt to her for instilling the values and principles of being a man of honor. Because of her, I will always please, provide, and protect for a woman. ~~LOVE, ALWAYS & FOREVER, Brennan~~
  • Nyrva: The mother of Danielle Cadet, BV Vertical Editor
    Danielle Cadet
    My mommy is fly and fashionable because she taught me that beauty and brains always look good together.
  • Mary Ann: The mother of Julee Wilson, BV Style & Beauty Editor
    Julee Wilson
    My mom flyness comes from her unwavering love and support in everything I do. She is my biggest cheerleader. She taught me how to fight self doubt, believe in myself AND strut in a pair of killer heels, amongst other things!
  • Nicole: The mother of Jessica Dickerson, BV Fellow
    Jessica Dickerson
    My mama is fly because she taught me that looking good is about being comfortable in your own body
  • Patricia: The mother of Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson, HuffPost Home Editor
    Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson
    Words don't really do justice to the woman that is my mom. Seriously. Physically speaking, she has reinvented herself so many times, changing her look with the times, but never straying from her big, generous personality. She's always prepared and always ready to party, and has taught me so much already about how to keep that spirit going now that I'm a mom myself! This is one of my all-time favorite pics of her, at my wedding in 2009.
  • Marilyn: The mother of Chanel Parks, HuffPost Style Fellow
    Chanel Parks
    My mom is so fly because she doesn't care what people and has always told me to stand up for myself.
  • Shirley: Mother of Dana Oliver, HuffPost Style Senior Beauty Editor
    Dana Oliver
    My mother Shirely's unwavering faith in a higher power is what makes her so fly! She has taught me through example that 'I can do all things through Christ.
  • @JPThePsych's Mom
    "My mom's flyness is rooted in her ability to love & care unconditionally not only for her family but for others."
  • @Geesix's Mom
    @Geesix IG
    What makes Mom truly beautiful is her golden, sacrificial heart. There are six of us -- through some pretty difficult times, she has made extraordinary things happen and she has made us laugh, laugh, laugh. That's why my Mom is fly & super heroic.
  • @alexajhuxtable's Mom
    @alexajhuxtable IG
    "My mom is the embodiment of flyness in her loving spirit and resilience. I have never met anyone more genuine or reliable in nature. She has taught me how to be a great leader and above all a humble human. Her brilliance and beauty sets her apart from the rest and I'm truly honored to know and love her."
  • @Sir_Martineau's Mom
    "This one of a kind lady is everything a son or child could ever pray or dream of. Her heart, mind, and soul..."
  • @Thattgurl87's Mom
    @Thattgurl87 IG
    "To the best mama in the universe, Happy Mother's Day! You deserve all the love, care and support that you've unselfishly giving us every day of our lives, and that makes you so fly. Thank you for raising the three of us the best way possible. Love you!"
  • @TheBHOWD's Mom
    "Momz means Beautiful, Happy Mother's Day to mine! I'll love you forever and a day!"

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