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Toddler Sees Fireworks For The First Time, Absolutely Loses It

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There's an undeniable magic to fireworks. An awe-inspiring mix of power and beauty as big, booming explosions are coupled with a broad range of brilliant colors, streaking across the sky.

Or as 2-year-old Connor says, "YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!"

A video of the toddler seeing fireworks for the first time made it to YouTube earlier this week. Judging by Connor's reaction as he sits, eyes wide and slack jawed in wonder, there will be a lot more fireworks shows in his future.

According to the video's description, the toddler is reacting to the opening pyrotechnics for WWE SmackDown.

We credit the adult accompanying Connor for telling him to plug his ears, even if the toddler couldn't help but excitedly unplug them since he needed his hands for cheering.

Watch Connor see fireworks for the first time, above.

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