05/15/2014 03:53 am ET Updated May 15, 2014

Australia Education Minister Christopher Pyne Accused Of Saying A Very Bad Word In Parliament (VIDEO)

Australian Education Minister Christopher Pyne gave a quick lesson on how not to speak in public on Wednesday, uttering what many believe to be the word "cunt" during a session of Parliament.

A spokesman later claimed Pyne actually said "You're such a grub" when insulting opposition leader Bill Shorten, according to The Guardian.

So did Pyne say "grub," or did he utter one of the Seven Dirty Words?

Watch the clip above and decide for yourself.

Pyne might be in trouble either way.

In 2006, Julia Gillard -- who would later become prime minister -- was tossed out of Parliament for 24 hours for calling someone a grub.

She later issued an apology... to grubs, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.


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