05/16/2014 11:03 am ET Updated May 16, 2014

Andrew Garfield Gives The Performance Of His Career In Arcade Fire's 'We Exist' Video


Andrew Garfield's performance in "The Social Network" sparked Oscar buzz in 2010, but even a celebrated turn in a Best Picture-nominated film doesn't come close to what the actor does in Arcade Fire's new video. We caught a preview of the "We Exist" clip earlier this month, but now the full, six-minute video is here. It features Garfield dressing in women's clothes as he nervously prepares for a night on the town. His character is abused in a dive bar, which prompts him to fantasize an escape via the most wonderful dance sequence. Eventually his empowering daydream takes him to Coachella and a crowd of thousands who adore his gender-bending moves. We're used to Garfield swinging between New York buildings as Spider-Man, but we've never cheered him on as much as we do here.


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