05/16/2014 02:30 pm ET | Updated May 16, 2014

Colbert Is Worried About Karl Rove's Brain AND Ass

Karl Rove once again proved that he's a master of manipulating the media, this time taking over headlines by speculating that Hillary Clinton might have brain damage. But the inception went a level deeper when the media started talking about talking about Rove's claim. Wicked meta, y'all.

Stephen Colbert took a page from the Rove playbook on Thursday, addressing the issue by wondering if Rove himself might be hiding a medical issue. Sure, you may think he's pulling things out of his ass, but how do you even know his ass is there? His body might just be rerouting everything north to his brain and... you know where this is going.

Watch Colbert ask the tough, ridiculous questions above.


Stephen Colbert GIFs
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