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Your Mom And Dad Have Nothing On These 13 Most Embarrassing Parents Of All Time

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As far as life's embarrassing moments go, there are a million embarrassing moments between kids and their parents. Like that embarrassing moment when there's an unexpected, graphic, and unnecessarily drawn out sex scene during family movie night. Or when you accidentally send a text meant for your boyfriend/girlfriend to mom or dad (let's all pretend that never happened) or parents, when you unknowingly walk in on your child and their significant other doing something they definitely shouldn't be doing.

But more often than not, it's parents that are doing the embarrassing... because, well, that's just what parents do. They're older, less inhibited, and frankly don't care what you think. Sometimes it's to teach a lesson, sometimes it's to be funny, and well, unfortunately, sometimes it's inadvertent.

Last year Utah dad Scott Mackintosh taught daughters everywhere a memorable lesson: stop wearing short shorts. Mackintosh posed in a pair of his own to get his daughter to reconsider the length of her shorts. Lesson learned, dad. Loud and clear. Another goofy dad was caught on camera dancing very awkwardly at an electronic dance festival, while his son, clearly mortified, looked the other way.

Here are some other parents that take the trophy for being embarrassing beyond words:

Sun-Protection Mom...

Free Tote-Bag Dad (hopefully)...

Team Spirit Mom and Dad...

Matchmaker Mom...

Double-Entendre Dad...

They-Think-They're-So-Funny Dads...

One-Man-Makeout Dad...

Worst-School-Pick-Up Dad...

I'm-Not-With-Them Mom and Dad...

Fashion Forward Dad...


Parents... gotta love 'em.

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