'SNL' Mocks EDM Culture With 'When Will The Bass Drop?'

05/18/2014 05:23 pm ET | Updated May 18, 2014

"Saturday Night Live" lampooned the current EDM culture during its season finale on Saturday, May 17, in a Digital Short titled "When Will The Bass Drop?" Samberg plays producer Davvinci -- sorry, Avicii -- who is anything but your average DJ, trading in knob-turning for some Snood, jenga and self-replication, all while refusing to drop the bass. The show also mocks the craze of typical EDM attendants, willingly handing their possessions and credit cards to Davvinci, while declaring that, without a doubt, "This is music."

Then, with a little help from Lil Jon, Samberg drops the bass, allowing the audience to "turn up to death." EDM fan or not, enjoy the hilarious sketch above.

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