05/19/2014 11:36 am ET | Updated May 19, 2014

15 Stages Every Groom Goes Through


By Jessica Testa for

We already told you the 15 stages every bride goes through when planning a wedding, but what about grooms? The whole wedding planning process is hard for them too (sometimes), and they have a totally different way of dealing with it.

1. Right before he proposed:
2014-05-15-1_hessupernervousgiphy.gif Knot

2. When you said yes:
2014-05-15-2_whenyousaidyes.gif Knot

3. When you asked him whether he preferred letterpress or engraved invitations:
2014-05-15-3_invites.gif Knot

4. When you showed him your wedding planning checklist:
2014-05-15-4_checklist.gif Knot

5. When you asked him whether he wanted formal, black-tie, or semiformal:
2014-05-15-5_formalwear.gif Knot

6. When he asked his groomsmen:
2014-05-15-6_groomsmen.gif Knot

7. When you told him how much the wedding would probably cost:

8. When you went to your first cake tasting:
2014-05-15-8_cake.gif Knot

9. When you went to your first dance lesson:
2014-05-15-9_dance.gif Knot

10. When he tried on his tux for the first time:
2014-05-15-10_Tux.gif Knot

11. When you asked him whether he thought you should have menu cards at each place setting:
2014-05-15-11_menucards.gif Knot

12. The morning of the wedding:
2014-05-15-12_morningof.gif Knot

13. At the rehearsal dinner when you introduced him to the aunts and uncles:
2014-05-15-13_rehearsal.gif Knot

14. When he saw you in your dress for the first time:
2014-05-15-14_dress.gif Knot

15. Your wedding night:
2014-05-15-15_weddingnight.gif Knot


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