'Miracle Moose' Survives After She's Expelled From Mother In Collision With Car (PHOTOS)

05/20/2014 02:06 pm 14:06:34 | Updated May 20, 2014

A yet unborn moose survived when she was ejected from her mother in a collision with a car on a Quebec highway, according to the CBC. The mother was killed, but the calf was found alive still in its gestational sac under the vehicle, according to the outlet.

Witnesses covered her in a blanket, and a zoo picked up the newborn, which is now feeding on moose milk delivered from Ontario, the CBC noted.

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A man was driving with his two children Sunday morning near l'Anse St-Jean when the accident happened, the Montreal Gazette reported. "The car was wrecked but the occupants were not injured,” Sûreté du Québec Sgt. Jean Tremblay told the paper.

A fawn had somewhat of a similar entry into the world Sunday. A man driving home from church in Minnesota stopped to move a dead deer off the road and ended up cutting the animal open to deliver her unborn baby, KSTP reports.

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