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These Proposal Photos Remind Us That Summer Is On Its Way

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If you're like me (or anyone else who lives in a state other than tropical Florida), you always welcome summer with very, very open arms. The men below? Well, they welcomed summer in a slightly modified stance -- on one knee.

  • Scott is a musical genius and he's also in a barbershop quartet (we're fanning ourselves already!). For his proposal to Maddie, Scott rounded up his singing studs – who rehearsed for three months to get every tune perfect – before serenading Maddie on the beach with "By the light of the Silvery Moon".

    Quartet Proposal on
  • Since the beach and watching the sunset were two of Anslee's favorite things, Chaten knew he wanted to combine both things for his proposal. He tricked Anslee into thinking they were flying down to Florida for a surprise visit to his Grandmas but had so much more planned.

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  • It all started with a family vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica, with Rob’s parents, siblings, and their significant others and babies. A few days into the vacation, Rob was ready to propose to the woman he met at church a little over a year before – with his sister, who was a professional photographer, there to capture it all beautifully.

    See the full Jamaican proposal.
  • Chris told Melissa to get dolled up because they were supposedly going to a fancy dinner at Tom Ham's Lighthouse overlooking the San Diego skyline. When Melissa got into the car and Chris drove the exact opposite way, Melissa was rightfully confused! Before she knew it, they were at Sunset Cliffs, watching the sunset together with a beautiful picnic. Her best friend, also a photographer, was hiding in the bushes ready to capture what only she and Chris knew what was coming next...

    San Diego Proposal on
  • Photo by Sarah DeShaw
    Travis planned a completely private proposal on a trip to Hawaii, but when he and Brenna met another couple and one of them happened to be a photographer, Travis took it as fate that the proposal had to be captured. The four of them took a hike into a park on the north shore of Oahu, which lead to a beautiful waterfall and natural lagoon with rainforest all around. The photographer, Sarah, got some amazing shots of them in front of the waterfall before giving Travis the thumbs up to get down on one knee.

    Proposal in Oahu.
  • Photo by Noel Bass
    This adorable proposal, which happened on Thanksgiving day, was intimate and personal for ocean-lovers Rob and Jess. Surfing is one of their favorite activities to do as a couple and since they did it often, there was nothing out of the ordinary for Jess to pick up on when they walked down to the water...

    Surfing proposal on
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