Daniel-Ryan Spaulding Asks 'What If Gay Guys Said The Shit Straight People Say?'

05/22/2014 12:07 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

As queer people, we put up with a lot of shit. And possibly one of the most annoying things we have to deal with is conversations with straight people that are completely informed by or revolve around our sexuality.

Cue Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, a comedian based in Europe who explores gender, sexuality, culture, stereotypes and identity. In this hilarious video, Spaulding flips this the usual script on its head and asks: "What If Gay Guys Said The Shit Straight People Say?"

Utilizing such brilliant lines as "Ugh! That's so straight!" and "I don't mean straight in a heterophobic way, I just mean, you know, dumb and stupid," Spaulding presents a hilarious subversion of the everyday experiences queer people go through.

Check out the video above.

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