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NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Could Lead To Marijuana Use Being Condoned | The MMQB With Peter King

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SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. - FEB. 9, 2014: A large jar full of GT Dragon, a cannabis strain created by cross-breading Trainwreck and Blue Dragon, sits on display at the Buenas Ondas Collective, a San Diego medical marijuana delivery service, at the 2014 Cannabis Cup on the grounds of the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, California. (Photo by David Walter Banks for The Washington Post via Getty Images) | The Washington Post via Getty Images

As the NFL tries to settle potentially billion-dollar litigation over the long-term neurological effects of concussions, the league has been hit with yet another major lawsuit: eight retired players, including Jim McMahon and Richard Dent, claim the league duped players into becoming addicted to painkillers. Attorneys for the players seek to transform the case into a class action on behalf of potentially thousands of other retired players.

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