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Jon Stewart Slams GOP Hypocrisy Over VA Scandal

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The GOP has been blasting the Obama administration for failing to give veterans timely care in the VA hospital scandal. But as Jon Stewart pointed out on Thursday's "Daily Show," the Republicans haven't been helping, either.

Stewart played video clips of Republicans in the Senate undermining efforts to increase funding for veterans' benefits, then took a trip down "Terrible Memory Lane" to show how U.S. veterans have gotten the shaft for much of the nation's history no matter who's in power.

"On this Memorial Day weekend eve, we can finally admit that America has had for over 200 years a great bipartisan tradition of honoring those who have fought for our freedom by fucking them over once they give their guns back," Stewart said.

In the clip above, watch Stewart rip into the GOP for calling out the president while refusing to boost funding for veterans. Even Bill O'Reilly gets in on the act.

Then, in the clip below, take that trip down "Terrible Memory Lane."

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