05/24/2014 08:38 am ET

21 Summer Romantic Comedies To Stream Right Now

Warner Bros. via Getty Images
  • 1 "Summer Catch"
    Three ingredients to the ultimate summer rom-com: Cape Cod, baseball and Freddie Prinze Jr.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 2 "13 Going On 30"
    Remember that whole graduation theme in a magazine thing? Jennifer Garner started that.
    Where To Watch: Netflix
  • 3 "Something's Gotta Give"
    We just wanted another excuse to watch this perfect movie.
    Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon
  • 4 "Grease"
    Go grease lightning.
    Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon
  • 5 "Can't Hardly Wait"
    If you don't watch "Can't Hardly Wait" at least once a graduation season, you have no soul.
    Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon
  • 6 "Dirty Dancing"
    Who didn't wish this for this kind of summer vacation?
    Where To Watch:: Netflix and Amazon
  • 7 "Fever Pitch"
    Looking back on Jimmy Fallon's terrible haircut...
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 8 "Say Anything"
    This is how high school is supposed to end, right?
    Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon
  • 9 "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"
    Don't let the love fern die this summer.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 10 "Wedding Crashers"
    Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 11 "The Sweetest Thing"
    This movie has the best penis song.
    Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon
  • 12 "My Best Friend's Wedding"
    Come on, it's a classic.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 13 "She's All That"
    There's always one jock who accepted his diploma naked.
    Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon
  • 14 "Drive Me Crazy"
    About that time Adrian Grenier played a dork...
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 15 "A Lot Like Love"
    Pretend like the trailer isn't soundtracked by Avril Lavigne. This is one of the most overlooked rom-coms of the 2000s.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 16 "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
    Barcelona in the summertime, man.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 17 "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
    How to plan a summer wedding with an outrageous family and Windex.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 18 "Shakespeare in Love"
    Summer 1593 > Summer 2014
    Where To Love: Netflix and Amazon
  • 19 "Splash"
    Remember when Tom Hanks fell in love with a mermaid?
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 20 "Blue Crush"
    Fulfill your surfing dreams and fall in love.
    Where To Watch: Amazon
  • 21 "The Girl Next Door"
    The juice is worth the squeeze ... especially when you get into Georgetown.
    Where To Watch: Amazon

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