05/27/2014 08:47 am ET | Updated May 27, 2014

Twitter User Posts Transcript Of Pastor's Sermon On Homosexuality And It Is Spot On

Ever wondered what Jesus really said about homosexuality and where the Bible stands on gay marriage?

Gay marriage has been a contentious issue, particularly among conservatives and the religious right who often call homosexuality "immoral," "contrary to God's decrees," and worse.

Many religious leaders, however, have taken Pope Francis' approach of "Who am I to judge?", and others have even more strongly demanded their religious freedom to perform same-sex marriages, like the United Church of Christ did in North Carolina in April.

In a similar spirit, Twitter user @IMakeIt_Rane posted the following transcript of a pastor's sermon, which she found online, and it pretty much sums up everything we'd want to hear at church on the topic of homosexuality:


Statements On LGBT People From Faith Leaders