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The Hidden Cash Millionaire Is Causing 'Pandemonium' In Los Angeles

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The mysterious millionaire who hid cash in random places in San Francisco is now causing chaos at a Los Angeles area beach after surreptitiously "donating" his money there, too.

On Saturday, the purported middle-aged real-estate developer announced on his Twitter account, @HiddenCash, that he stashed 36 "Angry Bird" toys filled with cash around Hermosa Beach, Calif., an oceanfront city just south of Los Angeles, for anyone to find.

The anonymous benefactor, who gained notoriety earlier this month after hiding money throughout the Bay Area, moved on to Burbank, Calif. on Friday and egged people on to go on a scavenger hunt for money there.

The frenzy continues into the weekend. This was the scene at Hermosa Beach a little over a half an hour after Saturday's clue was tweeted.

One person on Twitter described the scene as "pandemonium."

Some of the toy birds reportedly contained as much as $180.

Los Angelenos who struck out on Saturday shouldn't lose hope. The person behind @HiddenCash hasn't run out of cash yet.

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