06/03/2014 05:08 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2014

Chainsaw Artist Turns Tree Stump Into Something Straight Out Of 'Game Of Thrones' (PHOTOS)

Chainsaw artist Steven Kenzora got all "Game of Thrones" before "Game of Thrones" was even a hit.

Just check out what he did with this tree stump.

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The image of the impressive dragon sculpture is currently breathing fire on Reddit, even though Kenzora completed the project using a chainsaw and other power tools about four years ago, he told The Huffington Post.

Reddit user Pyro_Cat used to climb the tree but wrote it was later cut to a stump. Pyro_Cat's family then hired Kenzora to craft something while they went away on vacation.

The dragon carving stuck with Kenzora. "Probably my [favorite] one," he wrote of the sculpture on his Facebook page.

And that's saying something. According to, Kenzora, of Peterborough, Ontario, has completed about 1,500 pieces.

Check out a 2011 video of Kenzora's work below.

h/t Distractify

This story was updated with a comment from Kenzora.

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