This Balinese Hotel Took Water Bed To A Whole New Level

06/08/2014 08:00 am ET

Shrimp may not sound like the cuddliest of creatures, but we think an evening among them looks pretty sweet.

The glass-bottomed bedroom at the Udang House at Bali's Bambu Indah resort lets you snooze above a tranquil underwater landscape.

bambu indah

The room sits above a shrimp pond, with tempered glass floor panels revealing an "underwater panorama of crustaceans in action."

When they're not being dazzled by the underwater bedroom, guests at Udang House can take a refreshing open-air shower in the glass-roofed bathroom, or relax on the house's front porch. bathroom


Udang House is one of Bambu Indah's 14 private restored antique houses guests can book. The eco-luxury resort offers a spa, hiking, village tours, yoga and other restorative activities.

H/t Telegraph.

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