Actress Andie MacDowell's One Piece Of Advice To All Working Mothers

06/09/2014 04:50 pm 16:50:23 | Updated Jun 10, 2014

All moms have a ton on their plates. Therefore, expecting perfection isn't healthy, let alone realistic, actress Andie MacDowell recently explained to HuffPost Live.

The actress spoke with HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker about "Stories of Strength," a program sponsored by Tylenol that helps inspire young people to honor their moms. When asked what advice she would give to other mothers, MacDowell said perfection just isn't a realistic expectation for working mothers to have.

"Well, I think every working mother is going to feel guilty -- it comes with the territory..." MacDowell said.

She added, "Hopefully we’re gonna lighten up on ourselves as women as time goes on; but, you have to forgive yourself. You can’t be perfect at everything."

Watch the full interview with Andie MacDowell below:

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