06/09/2014 01:22 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2014

These Hilarious Song Covers Take Snapchat To A Whole New Level

Get ready -- you're going to want to screen shot every part of this Snapchat song cover montage.

The compilation comes from recent Harvard graduate Anthony Zonfrelli -- his second installment after the success of Part 1 -- and it takes the app to a whole new level of fleeting brilliance.

But the video may go a bit deeper than one millenial's love for Snapchat art and Elton John. Zonfrelli -- a self-proclaimed unemployed recent graduate -- may be using his Snapchat prowess as a lucrative job-hunting strategy. The video opens with this declaration: "Somebody in comedy, please hire me as a writer or performer before my parents kick me out of the house and I'm forced to become an investment banker or something."

Oh snap. Well, we still see you, Anthony.


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