Russia Figured Out How To Make PT Cruisers Cool

06/09/2014 03:43 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2014
  • Taryn Hillin Fmr. Associate Editor, Huffington Post Weddings and Divorce and current YA author / screenwriter and journalist.

Brides usually don't dream about riding to their wedding in a PT Cruiser -- but that's only because they've never seen a PT Cruiser like this before!

Redditor graneflatsis posted the following pictures Sunday of totally pimped out PT Cruisers in Russia, which were transformed into wedding limos -- err, carriages.

Check out the pics below and watch the video above for a glimpse into the full experience. Then, reconsider your opinion on PT Cruisers -- we sure did.

Credit RUAuto

Credit RUAuto

Credit RUAuto

Credit RUAuto

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