15 Things Parents Should Never Ever Do On Facebook

06/10/2014 06:55 am 06:55:31 | Updated Jun 10, 2014

In the golden days before the advent of Facebook, kids only had to worry about their parents embarrassing them at school pick-ups and during chaperoned school dances. And the only time you had to worry about your parents finding about your dirty little secrets was if they read your diary (if you even had one) or if they caught you trying to sneak in after curfew. Kids back then had it easy.

But if you've made the mistake of friending your mom or pop on Facebook, live and learn the perils of public embarrassment, emotional scarring, and broadcasting of every personal detail of your life, through the misfortunes of these kids:

This parent took 'parental control' to a whole new level...

parental control

These parents think they're so punny... #facepalm


This is every kid's worst nightmare...


They sometimes trick their kids into embarrassing themselves...


They're a little clueless...

About internet security...

credit card

And, well, Facebook...


They ruin every single "your mom" joke...

your mom

your mom joke

They will broadcast your love life to the entire world...


Or lack thereof...

fail fb

embarrassed teen

They'll irreparably damage your street cred.

street cred

And make your profound ponderings a joke...


You can run, but you can't hide, kids.


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