06/11/2014 07:02 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

The FDA Backs Down On Cheese Ruling, Probably Because Of These Freaked Out Tweets

The FDA tried to ban artisan cheese yesterday, and the Twitter backlash was outstanding. The FDA responded with a big "just kidding" and we're pretty sure it's because of the insane response they got from social media and the petitions being passed around the Web.

To take you through the reactions that prompted the FDA to backpedal, here's a roundup of some of the best tweets we saw. Some of our favorite moments? The #Speakcheesies and #Savethecheese hashtags that sprung from the article and started a stinky, smelly movement. And if you expect explicit, NSFW language to follow, then you're correct:

Us, too Francesca -- us too... We #Savedthecheese! Can we still have #Speakcheesies though?

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  • 1 Someone MICROWAVED this grilled cheese.
    Imgur: HorsHead4tuna
    It's called grilled for a reason.
  • 2 This grilled cheese never even stood a chance.
    Imgur: Show3it
    Lesson: don't skip the second piece of bread.
  • 3 This grilled cheese had so much potential.
    Imgur: BeirutJH
    Shot in the back.
  • 4 And this grilled cheese was made in a coffee pot.
    Imgur: CoffeeTeaMe
    On an airplane. NO RESPECT.
  • 5 The person responsible for this clearly has no love for food -- or life in general.
    Imgur: ibrokethedishes
  • 6 Dorm room grilled cheese gets an F for FAIL.
    Melted cheese does not equal grilled cheese.
  • 7 WHY????
    Imgur: chiefsalad
  • 8 Rice cakes.
    Imgur: DaHitcha
    This is a joke, right?
  • 9 Two AM grilled cheese.
    Imgur: Giygas
    Our parents always told us bad things happen late at night -- turns out they were right.
  • 10 We're not even sure what went wrong here.
    Imgur: joshthewaster
    Basically, everything. Everything went wrong.