Iowa Man's Cadillac Burns Wood To Burn Rubber

06/11/2014 06:32 pm 18:32:55 | Updated Jun 11, 2014

When Herb Hartman wants to fuel up his prized 1991 Cadillac, he heads to the chopping block, not the gas station.

It only cost him $700 to attach the large tank to the Caddy and his friend supplies wood so he's able to go joyriding on a budget, according to WHO-TV.

He still needs the gas engine in order to start the car though.

“A full hopper will go about fifty miles depending on how you drive it,” he told the station.

Of course, that's not taking into account the hours he spends collecting the wood and splitting it to fit in the gasifier.

“It’s labor intensive," Hartman said, "that’s the big drawback."

woodfired caddy

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