06/11/2014 05:41 pm ET | Updated Jun 11, 2014

World's Oldest Cat Dead At Age 24

David Hedges/SWNS

Hopefully she's eating KFC in the big litter box in the sky.

Just a few weeks before she celebrated her title as the world's oldest cat, Poppy died, at the tender age of 24.

"We knew she was old but it’s still very upsetting," Poppy's owner, Jacqui West, said, according to the Daily Mail. "‘She had a bad week last week. She was on antibiotics on the Wednesday because of a water infection and her back legs just seemed to let her down. She wasn’t herself at all."

Story continues after pictures of Poppy enjoying her 24th birthday ...

oldest cat

oldest cat

NBC News reported that the oldest cat ever on record was Austin, Texas' Creme Puff, who lived to be 38 years old before she died in 2005.

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