Watching This Ad Will Make You Want To Hug Someone Right Now

06/12/2014 10:57 am ET | Updated Jun 12, 2014

Studies show that hugging lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. Apparently, hugging can also sell fabric softener.

Not convinced? Check out the sweet new ad for Downy. In the clip, real-life siblings, longtime friends and a married couple dish warmly on their bond and enjoy a great big hug. Then they let us know how the hugging feels.

Don't worry; we won't tell if you get a little lump in your throat.

"The most enjoyable hugs should linger for about 20 seconds -- the amount of time it takes for the bonding chemical oxytocin to be released," Downy says in a press release. "Fortunately, fabrics washed in Downy feel soft and smell fresh, making people more huggable."

So go ahead and hug someone -- even if you didn't wash your clothes with Downy.

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