Sky Ferreira Asked Inappropriate Interview Question In Brazil

06/13/2014 09:30 am ET | Updated Jun 13, 2014

Interviewers, take note: This is NOT how you should interview a female musician, or any musician for that matter. Sky Ferreira had the unfortunate experience as a guest on Brazilian television show, "The Note." Before performing "You're Not The One" on the program, the show's host, Danilo Gentili, interviewed her through a translator.

Everything seemed to be going fine until the Gentili asked, "Do you think everybody loves your work because of the music or also because of the cover ... and because of the tits." (Yes, the album artwork for "Night Time, My Time" features one of Ferreira's breasts.) The singer kept her cool though and answered, "I'm pretty sure it's because of my work, but it helps if you're a pervert."

The interview continues with a super awkward handshake and some bad opera singing. Watch the whole thing and try not to cringe:

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