06/15/2014 09:31 am ET Updated Jun 15, 2014

'Freakshow' Star Morgue Performs Regurgitation Stunt (VIDEO)

Think twice about watching this video if you've just eaten.

A sideshow performer on the reality series "Freakshow" performs a regurgitation stunt where he become a human soda dispenser.

Series star Morgue begins by drinking a shot of a red-colored liquid and then chugs lots and lots of water.

For the climax, he sticks a tube down his throat that is connected to top of a soda dispenser. He upchucks a geyser of liquid, including an unsightly amount of stomach acid into a bucket on the stage of the Venice Beach Freakshow.

Yeah, it's pretty incredible and incredibly gross.

"My act isn’t shock for shock's sake. There's a purpose. It's to show people that there are different ways of expressing yourself," he said on his AMC bio page. "Whether it's something beautiful or something horrible, it's all valid and it's all about opening minds."

"Freakshow" airs on Wednesday.


Venice Beach Freakshow
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