06/16/2014 04:20 pm ET | Updated Jun 16, 2014

Life Looked Pretty Bleak For This Baby Moose, But Then Something Beautiful Happened

YouTube / Robert Ward

You can hear Robert Ward's voice begin to crack as he describes what he's seeing.

The wildlife enthusiast is watching a lone moose calf that has wandered onto his property. When he realized it had lost its mother, Ward began filming.

"He just doesn't know what to do," Ward says through sniffles. "He'll probably die tonight ... this is one of the hardest parts of living out here, we're not supposed to do anything."

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The next morning, however, Ward wakes up to a welcome surprise: It appears the calf has found an adult for safety. Despite thinking the mother had previously died, he seems unsure if this is the calf's actual mother. Still, the calf crying throughout the night would indicate something was amiss.


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