06/16/2014 09:00 am ET

Here Are The Best Rivalries In Cartoon And Comic History

Let's dispel reality for a moment, and pretend that your favorite protagonists and superheroes have made peace with the world's most notorious villains and evil doers. So much so that they've all formed friendships worth memorializing.

Enter Dan Matutina, aka Twistedfork, who's brought this nerdy dream to fruition... sort of. His project, "Versus/Hearts" pairs lionhearts like Sonic and Batman with their slightly less principled counterparts -- Voldemort, Metalhead and the like.


The "silly project," as Matutina describes it on his Tumblr, is all about rivalry. "Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other." We couldn't agree more, and with the amount of graphic detail encapsulated in this adorable series, we'd like to top our hat to the artist who dared to unite war and peace. Kudos, Mr. Matutina.

  • The Joke & The Bat
  • The Geniuses
  • Spy & Spy
  • The Snake and the Lightning
  • Kaiju & Mecha
  • It’s the Big Bad Monster and the Plumber
  • Alien vs Alien. Predator vs Predator.
  • The Egg and The Spike
  • The Student & The Master
  • King vs Boy & his Dog
  • Parker & Pi
  • The Symbiote & The Spider
  • Mojo Jojo & Buttercup
  • The Street Fighters
  • Claw vs Claw
  • My favorite Cat & Mouse rivalry
  • 'ol Metalhead & the Mutated Turtle
  • War and Peace


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