06/17/2014 01:08 pm ET | Updated Jun 17, 2014

Watch The USWNT Go On A Roller Coaster Of Emotions During The US-Ghana Game

The U.S. Women's national soccer team partied down like the rest of America during the the men's team's World Cup win over Ghana on Monday. Stationed in Hartford, Conn., the U.S. women huddled to support the men and they did not take it easy on the patriotism or the pageantry, either.

The ladies went wild when Clint Dempsey's left footer shocked the Ghanaians in the opening minute, breaking out into a raucous 'U-S-A' chant.

However, the game was far from over as Ghana consistently threatened to (and the eventually) tied the score at one in the second half. The stress was wearing on them all.

But when John Brooks' improbable header cemented a 2-1 U.S. upset, there was only one word to describe the scene: pandemonium.


USA vs Ghana 6/16/14