Prove You're A '90s Kid By Taking The Ultimate TV Theme Song Quiz

06/19/2014 09:24 am ET | Updated Jun 19, 2014

If only we could go back to the '90s.

The decade gave us everything from slap bracelets to Nintendo 64. Alas, time keeps moving forward and we'll never really be able to recreate the magic held in the years before Y2K scares and Justin Bieber. But we can relive our childhoods, if only for a little while, by remembering one of the greatest treasures the '90s ever gifted us: kid's TV shows.

From "Full House" to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," when it came to TV, the '90s was banging. And if you grew up in that glorious decade, you know the theme song could either make or break a show.

So, you think you're a '90's kid? Prove it by taking the ultimate '90s TV Theme Song Quiz.

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