06/19/2014 03:43 pm ET | Updated Jun 19, 2014

The Gift From His Son That Brought Marlon Wayans To Tears

When asked to reveal one of the most humbling moments of his life during a Tuesday HuffPost Live appearance, actor and comedian Marlon Wayans described a small, but incredibly thoughtful, gift from his son.

"He wrote me this [Father's Day] card, and in the card, he expressed how much he appreciated all that I do as a father -- just how much work I put in, and how great I am, and how I teach him to be a man," Wayans said.

"And then he wrote about all the things that he was grateful for, like a roof over his head, food on the table, water to drink, and I cried because... Never mind the Jordan Collection I bought him, but the fact that he appreciates the small things... That warmed my heart and brought me to tears."


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