06/20/2014 12:25 pm ET | Updated Jun 20, 2014

Only You Can Help These Animals Get The High Fives They Deserve


Sadly, every year many animals go tragically un-high-fived. Let's not leave these poor animals hanging. Cue Sarah McLachlan vocal feels.

Not cool, guys.


Aww, don't do this to me, girl!

Listen, man, sorry about all the ants, but who gets your whites so white? Come on, hit me!

Don't leave the otter hand hanging!

High Five IMGUR!

Come on, my mom won't care, I promise!


How can you resist this adorable paw?!

I made the front page today, High five.

So I say, "This is unbearable!" Right?! Up top! ...Hello?

But now with your help, and your hands, animals all over the planet can once again enjoy the sweet release of a well-placed high five...

It's not the red dot, but I'll take it, kid.

Bro Five

Turtle power.

Ah, we have fun... but seriously I could tear you to shreds.

That's it, human, continue to believe you're in control, mwahaha.

Yeah, ribb-it!

Ha, yeah, the flippered human over here gets me!

Hare five!

I appreciate you watching where you step, dude.


High five buddy!


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