Jeremy Meeks, 'Hot Convict,' Used To Look Pretty Different

06/23/2014 12:18 pm ET | Updated Aug 06, 2014

The Stockon, California convict dubbed the "Hot Convict" didn't always look like he did in his most recent mugshot.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, was arrested on 5 weapons charges and one gang charge last week. The Stockton Police Department posted his mug shot on Facebook and the Internet promptly went berserk over Meeks supposedly "sexy" looks.

jeremy meeks

However, this isn't the first time Meeks was arrested. He's spent time in prison before, including a 9-year sentence for grand theft auto and a 2-year sentence for grand larceny. On Friday, The Smoking Gun did some digging and uncovered two of Meeks' prior booking photos. It's unclear whether these photos, which are from 2009 and 2002, correspond to those convictions.

This convict is also accused of stealing hearts

Attractive Convict

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