An Honest Trailer For 'Forrest Gump' Tells The Devastating Truth Of An American Classic

06/24/2014 02:52 pm 14:52:33 | Updated Jun 24, 2014
MEGA via Getty Images

This honest trailer for "Forrest Gump" is too real. It's true, Forrest "bombards complete strangers with his entire life story," and Jenny -- sorry, we mean "young Claire Underwood" -- is a "suicidal junkie hobo."

Screen Junkies sums it up perfectly: "Their one-sided relationship will serve as CliffsNotes to 40 years of white-washed American history." Plus, there's Lieutenant Dan with legs, Lieutenant Dan without legs, things momma said and lots and lots of running. We'll never look at "Forrest Gump" the same way again.

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