We're Not Sure Who Needed This Hug More, But It's Definitely A World Cup-Worthy Embrace

06/26/2014 12:59 pm 12:59:59 | Updated Jun 26, 2014

Sometimes all you need is a hug.

Like when you're Samuel Eto'o, captain of Cameroon's 2014 World Cup team, and you're headed home after a disappointing blowout loss to Brazil. Or when you're a young Cameroonian fan, similarly crushed by the loss.

Those two mutual needs came together earlier this week, when a downtrodden Eto'o encountered the boy while heading to the team bus that would deliver Cameroon to the airport. Instead of shaking the boy's hand, or offering a simple wave, notes Yahoo, Eto'o leaned down and gave the boy a long, sentimental hug.

Now there's a hug worth of the world's biggest stage.

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